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We're a specialized recruiting service that matches commercial construction firms with great employees.

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Why newcrew?

Hiring in construction is hard.

We all know about the labor gap in the industry.

But it's not just that.

Companies don't know when: 
1. good people are on the market
2. candidates move to your city

And employees don't know:
1. where the best opportunities are
2. when to look

So, what do you do when word of mouth runs dry?

What if you need to find a key hire, a difficult hire... but you can't stop what you're doing to look?

We've been finding great employees for commercial construction firms since 2019.

We work with incredible contractors around the country.

Some recent roles we've placed:
VDC Engineer
Sr. Preconstruction Manager
Assistant Superintendent
...many more

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Our process

We make hiring simple.
Discuss your hiring goals

We'll jump on a call to talk company culture, specific hiring needs, ideal candidates, etc.

We find & screen candidates

We'll use our commercial construction network to source top candidates. We'll also give them a preliminary call to ensure they're a great match.

You make the hire

We'll send you vetted, best-in-class candidates so you can onboard the right hire.

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